Image of MOLLY NILSSON: 'Sex' 7"
  • Image of MOLLY NILSSON: 'Sex' 7"


by Molly Nilsson

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Ltd to 500 only. Black vinyl with download card.

Everyone's favourite chanteuse Molly Nilsson rounds off a world-straddling 2014 with her first new material since Summer's 10" EP 'Solo Paraiso.'

"Sex" documents Nilsson's foray into sexual politics and gender studies, seen through the prism of personal experience, abject subjectivity and, of course, the sort of instant-hit songwriting we all know and love. "Sex" comprises two unchartable chart smashes. 'Ugly Girl' is the undeniable anthem: flitting between tropical rhythm flourishes and torch singing, verse and chorus crash by in infection style before an almighty refrain at the end that demands to be heard to be believed. "If I ruled the world, I'd make all boys girls" stands as one of Molly's most triumphant moments put to wax.

On the flip, "Wrong Boy" is a fast-paced subterranean clubber, hyperactive in its composition and incessant vocal. It's the sound of a self-admonishing Molly Nilsson beating herself up, but not too hard. One never strays far before the triumph snatches victory from the jaws of defeat. These won't last long, so be quick or be sad.