Image of LSSN010: YONG YONG - 'Love' C60 Cassette

LSSN010: YONG YONG - 'Love' C60 Cassette

by Yong Yong

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C60 cassette, limited to 75 with download code. Yong Yong are a duo from Lisbon, Portugal comprising Rodolfo Brito & Francisco Silva. 'Love' is their debut release, an hour long cassette which drifts in and out of inner ear consciousness using a multi-technique language which Yong Yong can definitively say is their own.

Beginning their recorded career with abstract drone music, Yong Yong have since widened their scope; communicating a slanted perspective of a whole slew of contemporary musics. Samples and degraded electronics, the aesthetics of crumbling form, and pop music turned in on itself are mixed into a vortex which still manages to be underpinned by a melancholic sense of melody. Both experimental and populist, 'Love' is the result of high and low culture smelted down into a miasmic, evocative mercury.

YONG YONG - Love Cassette (LSSN010) by NightSchool