Image of LSSN007: THE REBEL - 'Titrack Luxury Or Bums On A Rock' Cassette

LSSN007: THE REBEL - 'Titrack Luxury Or Bums On A Rock' Cassette

by The Rebel

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PRE-ORDER - DUE 12TH MARCH. Cassette with download code., limited to 100. Ben 'The Rebel' Wallers handed two cassettes he hand-dubbed in the early naughties for Night School to excavate and this is the second. Country Teasers' Ben Wallers inhabits an nth dimension of his own creation, a dimension explained and expanded by his alter-ego The Rebel (Sacred Bones, Junior Aspirin). Although, let's be frank, where the alter and the ego divide is unclear. 'Titrack Luxury or Bums On A Rock' was self-recorded and hand-dubbed by The Rebel in the early naughties and easily matches his vinyl productions of the same era. Indeed some songs from 'Titrack..' were recycled for later releases but it's on this record that they make the most sense. Conceived as an album proper, with recurring 'bums on a rock' theme, herein also includes Rebel classics 'Man v Cock,' 'Keith' and 'Please Ban Music.' Superhumanly prolific and at times touched with incisive genius, The Rebel's music is part surrealistic unter-class poesy and part grotesque satire. A homemade conglomeration of techniques and signatures - warped country music, primitive electronics and ceaseless lyrical invention make up The Rebel's sound.