Image of DISTRO: U.S. GIRLS - Rosemary 7"

DISTRO: U.S. GIRLS - Rosemary 7"

by U.S. Girls

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Limited to 500 on Electric Voice records. Night School favourite U.S. Girls is hitting the shelves in December with a new LP on Fat Cat but this captures her in a pre-band phase, sequestered in what sounds like a dark, damp place, singing a nostalgic, alien ballad about either herb or friend. As with all the best U.S. Girls cuts there's a strikingly original and affecting SONG at the heart of the production, a song treated to abstraction and distraction by Megan Remy. B-Side "Sed Knife" is a similarly damaged piece, like a Spector girl group lost in the annals of the BBc Radiophonic Workshop doing a play about the counter culture on Mars.