Image of DISTRO: POD BLOTZ - Glass Tears LP (Clan Destine Records)

DISTRO: POD BLOTZ - Glass Tears LP (Clan Destine Records)

by Pod Blotz

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Limited to 250. Long awaited full length LP from US based noise polymath Suzy Poling aka Pod Blotz. Following a stream of splits and cassette emissions, "Glass Tears" is a rewarding, head-first trip into a monochrome world of static and forbidden pleasures rendered permissive. Poling's skill is in formulating digestible chunks of tonal scabs and rhythmical stutterings from diffuse sources, analogue machines that sound like they're being born or dying.

There's reams of pleasurable aural personifications on Glass Tears, Poling's voice makes appearances, intoning or narrating, providing hooks and ticks which stick to the listeners' ears. While there's definite Post-Industrial leanings here what's most striking is how cinematic and atmospheric the LP is, a unique soundworld born of noise but not entirely comfortable there.