Image of DISTRO: PATRICK COWLEY - School Daze DBL LP (Dark Entries)

DISTRO: PATRICK COWLEY - School Daze DBL LP (Dark Entries)

by Patrick Cowley

£19.99 / Sold Out

Dark Entries Records. 1st Pressing.
For many the reissue of the year, Patrick Cowley's School Daze collects Cowley's home recordings from the late 70s and early 80s which Cowley contributed as soundtrack material for Fox Studio productions.

More noted for his incredible Hi-Nrg disco tracks and the Megatone label, "School Daze" serves as an illuminating insight further into the artists' mind, a clandestine dungeon of analog synth manipulation, synthesized guitar formulations and arpeggiated bass-lines more in tune with the likes of Heldon, Klaus Schulze and any number of synth botherers since. Though ostensibly used to soundtrack 80s' gay porn films, the music here represents an inner space that can be both seedy and transcendent.

An amazing archival release. Be warned, the internal artwork is Not Suitable For Work, or Minors.