Image of DISTRO: GROUP RHODA - '12th House' LP (Not Not Fun)

DISTRO: GROUP RHODA - '12th House' LP (Not Not Fun)

by Group Rhoda

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New LP on Not Not Fun.
Group Rhoda - aka San Francisco resident Mara Barenbaum - returns with a further excursion into silken jungles, sub-bass infected jacking rhythms and a dynamite take on synthesized tropicalia.

Beginning her release journey on Night School with "Out Of Time - Out Of Touch," Group Rhoda has since taken her analog perfectionism around the globe, bringing her unique psychedelic hybrid to dank basements and festival crowds alike. "12th House" takes the journey further into creepy, spooked territory with tracks like Day Ruiner relishing the minor keys and discorporated vocal tracking. Elsewhere, on the likes of Heart Group Rhoda elevates the mood into a state of ecstasy, forever primed with a hint of melancholy that should come with every certified club banger.