Image of DISTRO: ELA ORLEANS - "Tumult In Clouds" Dbl LP

DISTRO: ELA ORLEANS - "Tumult In Clouds" Dbl LP

by Ela Orleans

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Double LP with insert and bookmark. Limited Repress on Ela's own Parental Guidance Records. Orleans' Magnum Opus "Tumult In Clouds" gets a necessary repress under her own steam for those who've maybe just awoken to a beautifully strange new world where Orleans is the soundtrack and spiritual guide.

Orleans' trajectory through the musical landscape is made all the more fascinating by the obfuscating twists and turns she makes. Her first forays into solo recording were bedecked in noise and belligerent experimentation - tempered with a gorgeous drift. In the past few years the artists' muse has soared skyward, taking in celestial harmonies, wildly cinematic productions and Trish Keenan-esque vocals that hint at both beauty and the underlying menace of everyday life. Tumult In Clouds is the most ripe fruit of this particularly journey, somehow managing to construct (deconstruct?) pop songs out of a magma of influences and touchstones. A Les Baxter record smeared in fog and vaseline, emissions from the psychedelic bunker and a celebration of what makes us human all painted in broad colourful strokes. A modern classic.