Image of DISTRO: ELA ORLEANS + SKITTER - De Flechettes LP (Clan Destine Records)

DISTRO: ELA ORLEANS + SKITTER - De Flechettes LP (Clan Destine Records)

by Ela Orleans + Skitter

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Limited to 250.
Ela Orleans' journey from abstract violinist to electronic pop avatar has been a rewarding one for the dedicated listener, peppered as it has been with wonderfully wayward detours and unexpected pit stops. Liam Stefani has himself been circumnavigating the core of the UK's Noise underground, collaborating with the likes of Richard Youngs and P6. "De Flechettes" is the duo's second collaboration and it bears fruit. To be sure, the result sounds little like either artists' usual output - instead the two have created something mutated and beautiful in its own strange way.

Steeped in disembodied, ghostly vocals punctuated by digital electronic stabs, rumbling low-end bass sweeps and a thrilling if occasionally frightening dynamic shift trick that burbles out of the cones one minute while swooping into the listener's subconsciousness the next. Unlike much output in the electronic, abstract worlds, De Flechettes never settles on easy answers, never just drones to be pretty: instead the two artists involved seem to be constantly questioning themselves and the listener, which is ultimately the goal of a collaboration, surely?