Image of DISTRO: ANTHONY CHILD - 'The Space Between People And Things' LP

DISTRO: ANTHONY CHILD - 'The Space Between People And Things' LP

by Anthony Child / Surgeon

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On NNA Tapes. One of our favourite records so far this year. "The Space Between People And Things" finds Anthony Child - aka UK techno pioneer Surgeon - revisiting his collection of unreleased experimental studies from the last 16 years, collaging them into an entirely new framework. Using a sound palette reminiscent to his techno works, Child focuses in on the molecules within the sonic textures and frequencies, delicately emphasizing the negative space that surrounds them. These sounds are then intensified to form vast new worlds, enveloping the listener with bright, crystalline detail and clarity. These two side-long pieces seem to exist and not exist simultaneously, filling the listening space as an almost physical presence, to a point where they blend harmoniously with the air that surrounds you. The brainchild of intense focus and exploration, this record serves as an artifact that gives the listener a very personal glimpse into the mind of one of electronic music's most creative producers. According to Child himself, this record "consists of location recordings, tonal experiments, and thought-forms from many different positions in space and time. It is the sound of the space between people and things."